How To Double Your Income
In The Next 30 Days With The

“Facebook Mastery Club”

Advanced Facebook Marketing
Training Suite

(While Keeping It Simple and On Your Own Terms)

Expand your brand, create exposure, generate leads
and make sales with Facebook

Dear Aspiring Facebook Marketer,
If you want the rare ability to make money by mastering Facebook marketing, and on your own terms (i.e. so you’re not a slave to Facebook), and do so within the next 60 days, then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the deal:

I’ve created a comprehensive suite of instructional videos called:

Facebook Mastery Club

However, it comes at a cost.

And, it’s definitely NOT for everyone.

Here’s what I mean:

“Facebook Mastery Club” is an all inclusive, step by step and click for click 6 module (plus bonuses) suite of Facebook Marketing video tutorials featuring the best up-to-date Facebook Marketing strategies designed to expand and create exposure for your brand, generate leads and make you sales with Facebook.

Plus, it includes a few highly successful guests who have been generous enough to deliver their Facebook Marketing expertise so you’ll see more than one perspective of what has worked and what hasn’t worked…

You’ll see what I’m doing …

How I’m building my lists with Facebook…

And how you can apply what I’ve done (and am doing) to your business.

Each module is packed with actionable techniques (and even templates, in some cases) designed to…

Put Money In Your Bank Account
Within 30 Days Of Implementation.

That’s my goal for you.

I want you to be able to rip through each module, absorb it in one sitting, and then immediately USE the information (by logging into Facebook that DAY) to make your initial investment back multiple times over.

And yes, this is easily possible with Facebook Mastery Club (FMC).

There’s no doubt about it.

Because I cover EVERYTHING.

Frankly, if you do Facebook the way I teach you inside of FMC , sell a good product or service people want, and are actively building an engaged Facebook profile and/or business page (even if the numbers are small ), you can make cash-in-the-bank sales day in, day out.

Here’s what one happy FMC customer said:

 “Being part of the Facebook Mastery Club was an advantage for me. I wasn’t sure how to use to the biggest social media platform to move my business forward. FMC taught me how to personally brand myself and properly engage with my target market. And, the FMC kept me updated with the latest Facebook changes. Most importantly, I now have a professional looking Facebook Business page and increased the number of fans on my page.” Laticia Howard 


You’re also going to get a few valuable “perks” with your purchase.

The first bonus is Question and Answer calls from each module…

Our first group of beta users went through this material and they had scads of questions. You get the recording of these calls PLUS a PDF transcription. You can also submit your own questions in the comments area for each module, and I will answer them personally, as quickly as possible.

The second bonus is my Twitter Mastery Club.

Twitter still proves to bring me notoriety and leads every day. This course is not for sale and can’t be found anywhere else. Yet Twitter Mastery Club is identical to Facebook Mastery Club except without the special expert guests or the Q&A. You’re getting two products for the price of one here.

Make that three products for the price of one

Because my former business partner and video marketing expert, Glenn Arcaro, generously pitched in his very own “The Hollywood Facebook Viral Video” and “Top Hollywood Secrets” courses.  Look, you gotta have video in your repertoire, may as well learn from the best. Glenn is the man!

To round out the bonus material, I’m tossing in “The Webinar Matrix – Your Master Plan to Gleefully Overcrowded Webinars.”

            This bonus accompanies MODULE 5, Creating and Managing Your Facebook Events. I can’t imagine running my business without webinars. Over the years, I’ve gotten quite successful at them. In this bonus module, I reveal everything I know.

You Don’t Have to Be
A Facebook Marketing Expert to Do This, But…

Let’s tell it like it is for a moment.

I think you’ll nod in agreement.

By now, you know Facebook isn’t going away.

Everywhere you look, and the more time goes by, Facebook proves to be more and more important.

You’re starting to see a widening gap of those who get it and those that don’t.

Those who get it are enjoying the sweet rewards of Facebook:

More money,

More sales,

Even fame (for those that want that).

But definitely influence.

Those who still don’t get it are inevitably getting left behind.

No influence.

No network.

No results.

You recognize that Facebook is no longer fun and games. Now it has to be a part of your business strategy.

You might be afraid to get in the game, or you’re overwhelmed, or both.

For example, you’re worried that your Facebook activity is so inconsistent that you won’t gain traction. Truth is…you’re probably right (you won’t).

Or you’re so confused you don’t really know what you’re doing. And you’re spending a lot of time doing it. I bet you’re sick of repeatedly being called to dinner while you tailor your Facebook update.

Or you think you’ll look really stupid so you don’t take any action at all. Yet by not taking any action you’re afraid you’re going to miss the Facebook boat, and be left behind.

Odds are, you will be left behind.

Or … and this might be worst of all …

You TOTALLY get it.

You’re in the game.

You have a Facebook marketing strategy. And little by little, you’re starting to gain traction.

Great, right?

But … you’re social media activities own you.

It’s unbearable.

Your life is way out of balance. You’re in front of the computer All The Time.

Yet you feel like if you don’t keep on top of it, all your hard work will slip away.

I understand all of those feelings. I sure remember feeling the same way. That’s why I’ve created The Facebook Mastery Club… To help you overcome these things.

“Didi’s Facebook Mastery Club helped me easily face the overwhelm and confusion I was experiencing trying to get my Facebook page up and running. Her expert guidance and in depth knowledge of how to use Facebook the RIGHT continues to be invaluable (long after I finished her course). I recommend Facebook Mastery Club to anyone who feels confused by all the Facebook changes or intimidated by Facebook Ads. You’ll experience a great learning environment and have a resource that will last forever.” Lisa Hanfileti, LAc

This Is What You Get With Facebook Mastery Club

How to Shift Your Mindset to Obey Facebook’s Rules

How to Identify Your Brand & Target Your Market on Facebook

Keyword Research for Facebook

How to Develop Your Unique Personal Brand

How to Account Set Up Facebook Account so Everything Is Streamlined for Maximum Results with Minimum Output

Complete Guide to Facebook Business Pages (Updated For 2012)

How to Create The Ultimate Lead Converting Facebook Landing Pages

How to Engage With Your Audience

How to Get The Word Out About Your Facebook Page

How to Create and Manage Events on Facebook

How to Set Up a Facebook Group to Build Buzz

How to Generate a Predictable, Ongoing Lead Flow with Facebook Ads

And a whole lot more, including…

How to use all the content other people put out to create more engagement on your page… A status update “trick” for getting your status lodged inside of the Facebook Newsfeed … How to quickly develop your Facebook Marketing plan…

and even…

A 90-Day “Double Your Investment”
Facebook Marketing Game Plan.

I cannot promise you any specific results.

But this special “90 Day Facebook Marketing Game Plan” will show you exactly what to do for the next 90 days to as much as double your investment. (Possibly even more… depending on what you sell, and how frequently you email you leads once they’re on your list).

I tell you exactly what to do on which days.

And, I even give you a breakdown of how to implement each day of the week.

Short of managing your Facebook profile/page FOR you…

I Cannot Possibly Make It Easier For You
To Make Money With Facebook!

But hang on… we’re still not done.

Here’s the Cool Part

I want you to be totally thrilled to invest in The Facebook Mastery Club TODAY. . .

So, when you purchase today, you also get:

Free monthly Facebook Page critique for the first 90 Days— You can send me your Facebook Page once per month for review in the next 90 Days. If you commit to the 90-Day Facebook Marketing Action Plan I will examine it update-by-update and give you suggestions for improvement. Response time is dependent on whatever I have going on (so if you’re in a hurry, don’t wait for my response). I also reserve the right to use your Facebook Page and my comments/improvements as content for future training. I’d normally charge up to $250.00 to critique Facebook Pages like this. So in some ways, it’s like finding $250.00 stuck inside of Facebook Mastery Club!

Access to me with your email questions — You can ask me any questions you want about Facebook marketing and I’ll reply to you personally. I won’t be your “pen pal” (sorry, there ARE limits on this). But basically, if you’re stuck, confused or just need guidance on anything related to Facebook marketing let me know and I’ll give you advice. Nobody gets this kind of access to me outside of a small handful of friends and peers. But you will get this personal access when you purchase to Facebook Mastery Club.

Special discounts on my other products — Including future products.

Bonus teachings — At times I also include webinars, interviews with experts and/or special reports and updates (Facebook is known to change. I keep you up to date).

Now’s The Time To Take Action Expand Your Brand,
Create Exposure, Generate Leads
And Make Sales With Facebook

Now you have two choices:

1. You can continue to feel the stress and overwhelm of social media…

Long hours in front of the computer, and for what?

What’s it all for if you’re not seeing any results?!

Let’s face it, while you sift through all your options and all your resources which actually continue to keep pushing you further and further from your goals, you’re falling behind.

You don’t have a step by step Facebook Marketing plan that works for you – plain and simple.

2. Or you can purchase Facebook Mastery Club and begin to enjoy the sweet rewards of Facebook: creating buzz around your brand, massive exposure, lead generation and sales.

All of it on your terms.

Because if you take action with my Facebook Mastery Club you will see traction and results on all of these things.

So order today…right now…while it’s hot on your mind!


This is for action takers only.

There’s a lot of money to be made with Facebook.

And people who know what to do are getting in there, doing what they must do, and getting out so they can still have a life.

Now it’s time to choose if you want in or not.

To give it a shot, click the “Add to Cart” button below:



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Happy Customers

“Didi was one of the first people I turned to back in 2008 as I was developing my internet skills to transition my business online.  Not only was she using social media effectively to build her own following, but she was quick to share those skills with many of us just getting started. When she launched her Facebook Mastery Club it was natural for me to join and get up to date training and continued support as changes are introduced.  Didi’s easy to follow, clear, and relevant training continues to be a valuable resource for me.” Leta Russell 

“ I joined Facebook Mastery  Club to learn more about setting up fan pages and attract their attention through my post.  I was so happy with this course, I got what I was looking for and so much more.  This is exactly what happens with products I purchase from Diyana Alcheva…I always get so much more than I anticipated.  Thank you Diyana for understanding what is needed and always giving so, so much more!  I am looking forward to the next Facebook Mastery Club!”  Sherry Prince

What If You Don’t Love Facebook Mastery Club?

 Test drive the program for 60 days and see how it feels.

I think you’re going to find that the information is solid, the modules will show you exactly what to do, the live question and answer is a huge source of support (and about the only place you can reliably grab me for nuts-and-bolts advice on your individual project, unless you’re one of my paying clients), and that the experience isn’t just worth the modest cost, but it’s also worth your time and close attention.

If you don’t agree, let me know within the first 60 days. I’ll be very happy to refund all of your money, and we’ll part as friends.

By the way, once you’ve completed the core six modules of the course, you will still receive continued access to advanced and bonus material that I might throw in down the line, plus all the goodies and bonuses I add later to stack value and make the program even better, and you’re always welcome to continue to send your questions for our Q & A sessions.

You just pay once.

And really, you can’t beat a price like this anywhere. It’s my goal to make sure Facebook Mastery Club makes a difference for your business.


See You On the Inside,

DiDi Alcheva